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Al Ghazi Tractors Takes Another Leap Towards Modernization through a SAP-Powered Digital Transformation

Karachi, February 01, 2023 – Topping a record breaking year of market growth and success in management operations, Al Ghazi Tractors Limited, one of Pakistan’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturer, has begun a digital transformation and overhaul of its IT infrastructure with an investment of PKR 2 billion. With the integration of the state-of-the-art SAP S/4HANA, an innovative ERP solution, at its core, the company is revamping strategic decision making as well as the overall operational strength of its existing ecosystem.
Digitalization has become fundamental to business sustainability and growth in the modern age.

About Al Ghazi Tractors

Al Ghazi Tractors Takes Another Leap Towards Modernization through a SAP-Powered Digital Transformation

Through the latest in data analysis and performance management systems, Al Ghazi Tractors Limited aims to build on its promise to deliver unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction as well as shareholder confidence. The SAP S/4HANA allows modern enterprises to adopt a more responsive, flexible and resilient approach toward dynamic consumer demands and ever-changing market requirements. Through a host of advanced technologies including AI, analytics, IoT and machine learning, this newest software suite will enable Al Ghazi Tractors Limited to streamline its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) making it faster, swifter and simpler.

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Expressing his views on the development, Javed Iqbal Acting CEO, Al Ghazi Tractors Limited, stated: “Al Ghazi Tractors Limited has always embodied an industry leading approach in terms of operations and business management. Through integration of SAP’s core automotive modules, our core operational teams across the region will gain access to real-time, data based reporting that will allow seamless decision making with minimal delays. Once the system is fully operational, the organization’s end-to-end relationships with vendors, dealers and other shareholders will transform significantly.”

The digital transformation at Al Ghazi Tractors Limited will occur over the next 4 years. However, the project’s first phase has begun with the initial preparatory stages that will take 10 months to culminate. The transformation project will be led by a dedicated Steering Committee which includes the Al-Futtaim Group EIT, Transformation and Strategy teams.

About Al Ghazi Tractors Limited

Al-Ghazi Tractors is a publicly listed company principally engaged in the manufacturing and sale of agricultural tractors, generators, implements and spare parts. The company is a subsidiary of Al-Futtaim Dubai and is the first automobile company in Pakistan to get the ISO-9002 certificate of austerity and primacy of efficiency. AGTL’s core focus remains to be the lowest cost producer of the highest quality products. The company’s market share remains stable between 40% and 45%. AGTL has shown strong performance in the last couple of years and the company looks to expand its market share, all the while dedicatedly working on transforming its operational performance.

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