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OPPO Foldable Smartphone Find N2 Flip and Series of Smart Living Innovations at MWC 2023

• OPPO Find N2 Flip, which sets a new benchmark for flip phones, shines at MWC 2023, highlighting OPPO’s commitment to boosting the foldable smartphone market.
• UEFA Champions League Ambassadors Michael Owen and Luis Carcia become the first global users of OPPO Find N2 Flip.
• OPPO showcases its first Wi-Fi router, OPPO Zero-Power Tag, and other technological breakthroughs in the fields of chips, health, AR, etc., exploring more possibilities for future intelligent lifestyles.

OPPO Foldable Smartphone Find N2 Flip and Series of Smart Living Innovations at MWC 2023

OPPO showcased a range of its latest innovative technologies at Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC2023). During the event, OPPO not only showed a selection of flagship devices, including the pocketable OPPO, Find N2 Flip, but also introduced several industry-leading innovations based on its four Smart Initiatives – brilliant entertainment, wise productivity, innovative health, and intelligent learning, such as OPPO Wi-Fi 6 Router AX5400, OPPO Zero-Power Tag, MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC, OHealth H1 family health monitor, OPPO Air Glass 2 and more. By delivering enhanced, connected experiences through these virtuous innovations, OPPO reinforced its position as a future-focused company that seeks to unlock new possibilities for intelligent living.

Find N2 Flip is the best flip phone on the market today. Measuring 3.26 inches, Find N2 Flip’s cover screen is the largest of any flip phone currently available, making everything more innovative and accessible. Its 50MP primary camera, MariSilicon X NPU, and Hasselblad imaging system combine to deliver a professional camera experience.

“As the world’s fourth largest mobile phone brand, OPPO has showcased a series of innovations at MWC23, from folding flagship phones to the latest technology behind the Internet of Experience. By bringing new technology breakthroughs to market, we are unlocking new possibilities for smart living to serve our users better worldwide,” said Billy Zhang, President of Overseas Sales and Service, OPPO.

On the opening day of MWC2023, OPPO also published its first Climate Action Report, the OPPO Climate Action Report: Climate Pledges and Low Carbon Development Strategy, co-developed with global consultancy Deloitte. The report proposes OPPO’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its global operations by 2050 and outlines its future blueprint for low-carbon development. With these plans, OPPO will transform its business into a low-carbon enterprise.

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