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Bazaar Launches Bazaar Prime, its Exclusive Distribution Vertical

Bazaar, Pakistan’s leading B2B e-commerce platform for 5M+ businesses, launches Bazaar Prime – its exclusive market distribution arm for retail suppliers and manufacturers.

Bazaar Launches Bazaar Prime

Bazaar Launches Bazaar Prime, its Exclusive Distribution Vertical

Bazaar’s B2B platform provides procurement, fulfillment, digital lending, and supply chain products to retailers and manufacturers in Pakistan. Since its inception two years ago, Bazaar has raised over $100m in venture financing. It has scaled to become the leading tech-enabled distributor in the country, with the broadest footprint across 50 cities and towns. Bazaar’s deep technology stack provides hundreds of suppliers with direct access to underserved merchants across several categories.

On top of its existing marketplace network, infrastructure, and technology stack, Bazaar Prime offers exclusive distribution to brands in designated markets. This provides brands with a 24/7 ordering capability instead of booking by agents during work hours, more excellent coverage in their vibrant cities, access to new markets, real-time data insights, increased cost-efficiency and dedicated resources, and operational setup.

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Hamza Jawaid, the co-founder of Bazaar, mentions, “Bazaar Prime is a game-changer for brands seeking to improve their coverage and distribution in the market. By leveraging this partnership, brands can tap into a wealth of resources and tools to optimize their operations, enhance customer reach, and ultimately drive business growth.”

Bazaar Prime has already launched strategic partnerships with category-leading brands such as Reckitt, Philip Morris, PepsiCo bottlers, Mughal Rice, Tapal, Milkfields, Ana Batla, and RealMe.

“Effective communication and improved customer relations are crucial for any business to thrive. By digitizing the user experience, Bazaar has increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Bazaar Prime has improved our coverage in white spaces through increased efficiency, cost saving, improved accuracy, and better customer service. As a result, our business has grown by 20% month on month in the 12 months,” said Abbas Hussain, Head of E-commerce at Reckitt.

Bazaar is expanding its network to over 100 cities and towns in Pakistan, allowing cost-efficient access to underserved and remote villages. This enables retail brands to strengthen their presence and cater to untapped markets, solving demand-supply inefficiencies. Given how legacy distributors have dominated the current distribution landscape, Bazaar’s entry into the space will help brands accelerate their reach across Pakistan while enabling the company to cement its area in the massive B2B retail economy of the country.

Ahmed Siyadat, Managing Director for Bazaar Retail, says, “Our speed and agility in setting up a tech-enabled exclusive distribution is unmatched. From Mardan to Khairpur, we are present across Pakistan, and with Bazaar Prime, our partners can leverage our expertise to scale their businesses”.

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