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Justice Faez Isa’s Attendance at National Assembly Sparks Controversy

Justice Faez Isa, a known critic of the former ruling party PTI, recently attended a special national constitutional convention at the National Assembly hall to mark the golden jubilee of the Constitution of Pakistan. While his presence was expected, it triggered a heated debate on social media among politicians, lawmakers, and analysts.

Justice Faez Isa's Attendance at National Assembly Sparks Controversy

Reason for the Debate

Justice Isa’s presence in the assembly surprised many as he is a defiant jurist. Reports suggest that he was present at the special invitation of the National Assembly speaker and was spotted sitting next to PPP Co-Chairman and former President Asif Zardari. He even shared his views on the house floor, explaining that he attended the session to stand with the Pakistani Constitution amid challenging times.

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Despite his reasons for attendance, Justice Isa’s presence sparked a new debate on social media. Activists, journalists, and critics raised several questions about his presence in parliament. Some claimed he should not be present at the National Assembly, while others supported his attendance in light of the golden jubilee.

Justice Isa’s Views

Justice Isa’s remarks witnessed the thumping of desks by the participants, and he was spotted holding a copy of the Constitution. He explained that he did not attend the session for a political speech but to show his support for the Pakistani Constitution. Some appreciated his views, while others continued to question his presence.

Justice Faez Isa's Attendance at National Assembly Sparks Controversy

In conclusion, Justice Faez Isa’s presence at the National Assembly sparked a debate on social media. While some appreciate his attendance, others question his motives. Regardless of the opinions, Justice Isa remains a prominent figure in the legal and political sphere of Pakistan.

Justice Faez Isa's Attendance at National Assembly Sparks Controversy

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