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The Coco Space, A coworking space in twin cities

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Coworking spaces are becoming highly sought after due to the numerous benefits they offer. According to Statista, coworking spaces will more than double in 2024 compared to 2021 numbers. It confirms what people have been saying for the past few years that traditional working methods are no longer feasible or practical. Established businesses are now ditching their large offices in favor of shared office spaces.

The Coco Space, A coworking space in twin cities

Pakistan is no exception to this trend either. The country has witnessed a strong growth in the number of shared office spaces. If you compare current statistics with those from previous years, you will notice that coworking spaces have almost tripled in this brief period. Indeed, the pandemic has accelerated the growth of coworking spaces worldwide.

Of course, not all coworking spaces are equal. What one needs to understand is that a coworking space is more than just sharing a desk or providing a cheaper alternative to renting expensive commercial spaces. There are very few coworking spaces in Islamabad that have a true purpose as most exist only to mint money from their members.

Coco Space – A Leading Coworking Space in Islamabad

Coco Space is the perfect example of a coworking space. Its purpose is not profit-making but providing a platform for the city’s freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to excel in their field. With a focus on providing the best facilities and offering access to mentors, Coco Space is fully invested in your long-term success. Located in I-10 Markaz, it holds many advantages over other spaces.

  1. Location
    One of the standout points about this coworking space is the location. I-10 Markaz can be conveniently accessed by residents of the twin cities. With work on 10th Avenue nearing completion, reaching I-10 Markaz will be quite convenient. As a bustling business district, I-10 Markaz offers quick access to restaurants and a large client base.
  2. Infrastructure
    A good thing about a new setup is that it caters to all the recent trends. Coco Space not only learned from the mistakes of existing coworking spaces but integrated the latest trends in its design and offerings. Members get access to ergonomic furniture, blazing-fast internet speeds, top-quality meeting rooms, and more. All these features are a part of the membership fee, meaning no extra payment is required.
  3. Access to Mentors
    The brain behind Coco Space is Mr Zeeshan Khalid, the founder and CEO of United Sol., a leading IT company in Pakistan. Members can get access to quality mentoring sessions from not only Mr Zeeshan Khalid but also from other experts. It can help you refine your startup ideas and open new avenues of growth. Very few shared office spaces can provide this benefit.
  4. Flexibility
    While all coworking spaces offer flexible work arrangements, no one comes close to the scale of Coco Space. It can cater to a wide range of clients and requirements. Whether you need a private office or open space seating for your team, Coco Space has you covered. It even allows you to customize the space according to your requirements.
  5. Inspiring Community
    Coco Space is quite picky about who it allows to become a member. All members go through a strong vetting process, ensuring that only professionals with strong values become members. The benefit is that it creates a very vibrant community of professionals from diverse backgrounds. Freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs can benefit from the increased opportunities.
  6. Safety
    Coco Space understands the importance of safety. The premises are protected by CCTV and security guards. Members don’t need to worry about their belongings. The shared space encourages women to become members and has exciting packages for them.

Booking Your Ticket to Success
Coco Space is not your typical coworking space. It offers a perfect balance between community, amenities, and growth. We encourage you to contact the shared space to enquire about the latest packages and book your space without any delay.

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