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Whatsapp trick to change Friend Profile Picture. 5 WhatsApp Tricks to Enhance Your Productivity and Privacy

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular and busiest messaging app, is part of our daily loves. The popular WhatsApp application has over 1.5 billion users and is one of the most used apps. However, many people are not aware of the interesting tricks in it, so let’s find out about those hidden tricks. Knowing them will double the fun of using this app.

1- How to Disable Last Seen
This feature is useful because it lets you know when your friend or family member was online, but it also affects the user’s privacy. To turn off this feature, go to Accounts, click the Last Scene button and make the necessary changes.

 2- Change your friend’s profile picture
All you have to do is go to WhatsApp Contacts and copy your friend’s number, then take a picture and paste your friend’s number on it and remove plus sign. Now paste this picture on a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture and his profile picture will change.

 3- Read deleted messages
Everyone wants to read deleted messages and they try to read deleted messages somehow. Users make many attempts to read deleted messages but they are still not successful so we are going to tell you an easy way. First delete WhatsApp from mobile and reinstall from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. When this app is installed, the user has to log in and all the chats in his backup will be restored, including the deleted messages. However, this feature will only work if you have scheduled the whatsapp backup timing on a daily basis.
 4- Read Messages without blue tick
When a message arrives, first turn on airplane mode, open the message and read. Blue Tick will not appear in chat until you reopen the WhatsApp. When you read the message, close all apps running in the background through multi-window instead of back to close the app. Doing so will shut down the WhatsApp completely and even if you switch off Airplane mode, the device will not be signed when it goes online.
 5- Type bold, italic text message

You can also send your text beautifully in WhatsApp.
 Bold fonts: To bold a word, put * before and after * for example * Welcome *.
 Italics: Add _ at the beginning and end of your word like _ how _.
 Strike-Throw: Add ~ to the beginning and end of your word, such as ~hello~

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