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Whatsapp Linked Devices Feature will allow Use of one account on multiple devices like Messenger

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, will soon have the biggest feature of the year. WhatsApp has been testing this feature for over a year, and it looks like users will soon be able to use their account on multiple devices at once.

WhatsApp Linked Devices Feature – Use Whatsapp like Messenger on Multiple Devices 

Indeed, it seems that an account of the whatsapp can be available to users at a very easy-to-use login interface. This multi device feature has entered the final phase of the trial. In this feature, Main Device will not be required as a dynamic Internet connection like whatsapp Web.
Simply put, even if you don’t have a phone, it’s still possible to use a WhatsApp account on the web or other devices, just like Facebook Messenger.
 This feature will be called Linked devices and WhatsApp will also introduce a new desktop version user interface for multi-device support.
Whatsapp Linked Devices Feature will allow Use of one account on multiple devices like Messenger

In the app, users will be able to link their WhatsApp account to the new device while viewing a list of LinkedIn devices.
 This feature is currently available in the beta version of Android, which is called Multi Device Beta, which can tested.
 However, during the multi-device support feature, not all features will be available on linked devices. However, according to the report, features like chat history syncing, starring / delivering messages and muting chats will be available.
 As mentioned above, it is currently being tested in a beta version of Android, but not in iOS. It is difficult to say how long this feature will last, it may take days or even months. After testing the feature in the beta version, it is more likely to be released to the general public with a number of changes.
 Keep in mind that at this time the user can only log in to a mobile phone and use the web version on a computer web browser, but for this it is necessary to have a mobile device nearby. If the user wants to use his account in another phone, he has to go through the process of signing in again.
 News about the multi-device support feature first surfaced in July last year, and WABetainfo said at the time that WhatsApp was working on a new platform (Universal Windows Platform). Which will allow one account to log in to multiple devices at once.

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