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Sajid Hassan Brutally Insults Waseem Badami In A Live Show

sajid hassan waseem badami

The latest episode of Waseem Badami’s show has got to be the most candid one with the popular actor Sajid Hassan which also managed to grabbed headlines for a number of reasons.

The actor made sure to make it as entertaining as always for the audience and we must say, it left us all on the edge of the seat.

From exposing the local showbiz industry to being brutal to how he dealt with people when he was going through a hard time before his skull surgery, he revealed everything about his life.


Surprisingly, Sajid Hassan started insulting the host Waseem Badami brutally for not bothering to even visit him when he was going through his hard time.

He expressed his anger and said that people in the media industry only remembered me when they needed interviews but nobody asked him about his health when he had his surgery.

Interestingly, Waseem Badami seemed more at ease and laughed all his statements but it only made Sajid Hassan more aggressive.

Have a look at the interview below!

Well, we totally loved this candid version of Sajid Hassan.

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