Uroosa Qureshi And Bilal Qureshi Celebrating 5th Wedding Anniversary

Uroosa Qureshi and Bilal Qureshi are one of those couples who have great chemistry. The love birds are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary.


Bilal Qureshi took to Instagram and shared a beautiful picture with his wifey. He also shared a heartfelt message for the love of his life.

He wrote, “Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary BEGUM.”

He explained what married life is and said, “Marriage is completely a give and take relation. Give Respect Earn Respect. Give Love and Get Love. The simple theory of a Happy and Successful Married Life.”

Uroosa Qureshi also wished her husband and wrote, “Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary MIYA JI.”

The stunning couple has a beautiful family. They have a cute son named Soohan and they often share beautiful family pictures.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of the family:


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