Mehwish Hayat will be in BBC’s ‘My World’ produced by Angelina Jolie

As we know that Mehwish Hayat is an actress who has immensely contributed to making Pakistan a better and safer place to live in. The actress is bold when it comes to raising issues and breaking stereotypes with the characters she portrays on screen.



On the other side of the world, we have Angelina Jolie, who also recognizes the power her influence holds and who has always tried to make a positive impact on this world.


And when Mehwish and Jolie come together, we can be certain, it would be for something positive and betterment of the world only. And as told by Mehwish Hayat herself on her social media, Mehwish Hayat recently recorded an interview for BBC for Angelina Jolie’s production My World.

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“Excited that my interview for BBC world will be out soon. Great concept created by Angelina Jolie for the first TV show she is producing. Thank you Jamie Angus @grvlx001 for your vision in highlighting so many important issues that young people face today,” wrote Mehwish.

“The roles that I’ve done, they have been the type that have broken stereotypes. I really want that the male actor and female actor get the same amount of money so they get an equal amount of respect,” Mehwish Hayat says in the video.


“Social media if used the right way, can be really helpful and healthy and progressive; it can build people up,” she adds.


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My World is a program produced with an aim to fill a global gap by providing young audiences with reliable and trusted information. The program will target youth, who are legally allowed on many social media platforms but susceptible to the dangers of ‘fake news’ and disinformation.

Mehwish Hayat stated that the full episode of the program would be out soon.

On the work front, Mehwish Hayat is currently shooting for London Nahi Jaungi, written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar and being directed by Nadeem Baig. The film stars Hayat opposite Humayun Saeed.

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