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Short Cloths are cause of Behayai | Molana Tariq Jamil Says and Public not Digesting it

Molana Tariq Jamil Facing Serious Back Lash

Recently a telethon was live telecasted from ARY. This telethon was organized for fund raising for Corona Virus fund. PM Imran Khan and Molana Tariq Jamil become part of telethon.

Molana Tariq Jamil quoted one of the Phorphet PBUH Hadees with regards to Behayai. While referring and talking it, he just mentioned short clothes of women as main cause of the vulgarity.

Molana Tariq Jamil Video

Public is not digesting these remarks and questioning that whether women short clothes is the only cause of behayai? Public pointing that many others evils are also part of every society including harassment, rape, child abuse, honor killing, acid attacks and many others. But he didn’t mention any of these ?

As this issue was actively discussed on social media, a video of Tariq Jamil went viral in which he is describing sexual traits of Hoors. It can be seen in video that he is giving sermon to hundred of men and openly talking about the sexual characteristics of Hoors in Jannat. He also boldly talked about the type of dresses they will be wearing.

Public started comparing both things (video and his statement in telethon) and calling him a hypocrite. People tool to Twitter amd lots of tweets depicting the reaction over Molana Tariq Jamli’s statement started flooding. Here are few of tweets.

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IMG 20200424 202903

IMG 20200424 202926

IMG 20200424 202938

IMG 20200424 203052

IMG 20200424 203405

IMG 20200424 203426

IMG 20200424 211901

IMG 20200424 211913

IMG 20200424 211924

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