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Nadia Jamil is more Enthusiastic during Her Cancer Treatment

Famous actress and social activist Nadia Jamil is suffering from breast cancer. Sharing on Twitter, the actress said that her second chemography has been completed. She is feeling very weak that she cannot even lift her head.

Asalamalikum! My dearest Twitter Family. Its been ages. Second round of chemo over,hair gone,body so weak I cant raise my head,but my spirit becoming stronger,clearer every day. A painful & empowering journey. Everyday Allah blesses me w clarity,love, gratitude,survival
Love U!🙏🏽

— Nadia Jamil (@NJLahori) May 26, 2020

“Despite all this, my spirits are getting stronger with each passing day,” she said. It’s been a painful and stressful journey for me. The actress further said that may Allah keep me safe with love, gratitude and survival every day. 

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