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Model Ayyan Ali aka Dollar Girl returning to Showbiz with 7 New Songs

Ayyan Ali, who has been accused of money laundering cases abroad for the past four years, announced on social media yesterday that she is returning to showbiz after 5 years and at the same time she has decided to release not one or two but seven songs.

Ayyan shared a photo with his luxury car Lamborghini on Instagram yesterday and said that now is the time to listen to his next seven songs in his favorite car. I just want to make sure that the sound of these songs is right or not so that you can all enjoy my hard work. She also said that these seven songs will be released in a week or a maximum of two weeks.

Ayyan Ali was arrested on March 14, 2015 from Islamabad Benazir International Airport for smuggling more than 500,000 dollars to Dubai. The court later released her on bail, after which she went abroad, but despite being summoned dozens of times, Ayyan Ali did not appear in court in the currency smuggling case. As a result, Ayyan Ali has been declared a fugitive and her apartment has been confiscated.

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