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Facebook Messenger – Best Top 10 Tricks to use it like a Pro

Facebook Messenger - Best Top 10 Tricks to use it like a Pro

The number of monthly active users of Facebook Messenger has reached more than 800 million. By the way, users use this application for chatting with each other, but users can do more than just chat with this application. Here are 10 best tips from Facebook Messenger to help users use this application in a better way.

Facebook Messenger Web

Facebook has not only introduced separate applications for Facebook and Messenger but also separate websites for Facebook and Messenger. Users on can use Facebook’s main site and You can use Messenger. Users can chat with their Facebook friends on this website.

You don’t need Facebook to use Messenger

Facebook Messenger application can also be used by those who do not have their own Facebook account. Users can sign up from their mobile phones by selecting Not on Facebook on Messenger.

Messenger as a transport service

Not in Pakistan but in Western countries users can order a taxi through Uber only with the help of Facebook Messenger.

In the middle of the conversation, tap More from the 3 dot icon and then tap Transport. From here, users can log in to Ober and order a car just like the Ober application. Can date, notify friends, track the car, and pay for it.

Pin the conversation for easy access

If you chat with the same group of people, you can chat and pin. After pin, users can see this group’s chat at the top of the list. To pin chat, tap the group button at the bottom of the application, you will see the Pin button at the top left, by tapping on it. The group of can be pinned. Different chats can be added to this group. As a group waiter, a photo can also be added by tapping the camera button.

Mute notifications

Messenger can also turn off notifications for specific chats. Select Notification from the dropdown and select the time for which it should be muted. This time is 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or unlimited, ie until you turn on the notification automatically. All messenger notifications can also be muted.

Messenger Payment

Messenger can also be used to make payments over the Internet.

Instantly share photos with facial recognition

Messenger’s Photo Magic feature allows users to easily share photos with friends in the photo. With this feature, Facebook can automatically identify the people in the photos.

This feature also notifies users when they have a picture with a friend in the camera roll. To enable this feature, click the Settings Gear icon at the bottom right of the app. Switch on Photo Magic after selecting Photos and Media.

Specify your location

Users can also specify their location in the Messenger application. To do this, select any conversation, tap on the More icon, find your location by location, and send a message.

Send animations

While chatting, tap More below. A list of different applications will appear here. Select GIPHY from them and press the install button. This will take you to the App Store. Download and install the app and then click GIF in Chat to send animations directly to Messenger.

Customize the thread with emojis

Chat threads can be given different colors with the help of emojis. While chatting, tap on the name of the friend above, from which you can customize the thread by choosing a nickname, color, and emoji.

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