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Baby Shark to get Full Length Film

Baby Shark is getting a full feature-length film with a theatrical release, which is every parent’s worst nightmare. You can expect to hear “catchy” children’s songs stuck in your head for a long time with Nickelodeon Animation and Pinkfong Company at the helm.

Baby Shark to get Full Length Film

“Baby Shark Dance” went viral on YouTube in 2018 and was widely shared on social media. Last month, the video passed 10 billion views, making it one of the most popular videos of all time! And the popularity of video continues to rise among children.

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Every kid has it on their iPod, and it’s a pain for parents everywhere because of the catchy jingle. In addition, prison guards use the song as a form of punishment on inmates!

Baby Shark to get Full Length Film

“Baby Shark, do do, do do…” became a 2 minute and 17-second earworm that we hoped would fade away as time went on. As it turns out, this isn’t true. The viral video will be the subject of a full-length film by Paramount Plus in 2023.

There are currently no details about what toddlers can expect to find in the new Baby Shark film. With the help of Pinkfong and Nickelodeon Animation, the film will be released in 2015. In any case, you can be sure that your kids will be singing and humming the film’s catchy tunes for quite some time.

Are you looking forward to the new Baby Shark movie? Even if it’s a rhetorical question, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the section below.

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