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Apple Watch 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 | Your Best Guide to choose

Apple Watch 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 | Your Best Guide to choose
Apple unveiled its latest smartwatch yesterday. If you are planning to buy but you have second option of Samsung Watch 3 then this guide is definitely for you.

The Samsung Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are the most powerful and attractive smartwatches on the market right now. These two products have been introduced by the biggest activists in the world of technology and are full of different capabilities in the field of health and wellness that have been considered in 2020 more than ever.

Both devices have almost the same base price, so we can easily compare them. If you are looking to buy a smartwatch and want to see how the best products on the market now differ from each other, stay tuned to DailyInfoTainment.

Design and Display

Apple was so successful in designing the first version of the Apple Watch in 2015 that since then there has been no need to make major changes to that design. The Apple Watch 6 comes in 40mm and 44mm versions and is 10.4mm thick. The case of the watch can be made of aluminum or stainless steel. For the first time this year, Apple will release the aluminum version of the Apple Watch 6 in new colors of blue, red and gold.

On the other hand, the first generation Galaxy Watch was attractive, but it was large and did not suit everyone. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 was designed to be smaller but lost the rotating edge of the first generation. Now Samsung has returned to the Galaxy Watch 3 a combination of a sleeker design and a rotating edge. The display of this watch is circular and is available in two models, 41 and 45 mm, which is slightly larger than the Apple models. The thickness of different models of this device is 11.1 and 11.3 mm.

Circular watches usually go for specific design styles that are classified into backgammon and technological designs. The Galaxy Watch 3 has been more successful in this area than any other circular smartwatch. Both devices have OLED displays that provide high resolution.

The 44mm model of the Apple Watch 6 has a 1.78-inch screen with a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels, which meets the standard of 326 pixels per inch. The 45-inch model of the Galaxy Watch 3 also has a 1.4-inch display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels and a density of 364 pixels per inch. Both devices have sharp, bright and colorful screens.

Apple says its sixth-generation smartwatch has a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, but Samsung has not released any information in this regard. However, experiments with the Galaxy Watch 3 did not show any problems with use in open and sunny environments.

Both products always have the page on. The hardware and the display technology are almost identical, and the judgment is up to you; You should see if you are looking for a rectangular clock or a circular clock.

Of course, Samsung has done a little better than Apple in this area, because in exchange for paying for the aluminum model of the Apple Watch 6, you can get the stainless steel version of the Galaxy Watch 3. The Galaxy Watch 3 does not have an aluminum model.

Health and Wellness Capabilities

In 2019 and 2020, many wearable devices tried to offer the capabilities of medical devices. Apple Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 3 are among these products. These two devices support all health tracking capabilities. Both watches have GPS, optical heart rate sensor, gyroscope / accelerometer and altimeter. ECG / EKG sensor or electrocardiogram or ECG and blood oxygen monitoring sensor are also provided in both products.

In the electrocardiogram capability, one electrode is placed under the watch and another electrode sits on the Apple Watch crown button or the physical buttons of the Galaxy Watch 3. If you press one of these, the corresponding smartwatch can check the functional rhythm of your heart. The purpose of an electrocardiogram is to check for abnormalities that may indicate an arrhythmia and the need for more serious medical attention.

The blood oxygen sensor or SpO2 is also located under the body of the watch and uses the red and infrared pulses on your wrist to detect the amount of oxygen in the blood. Blood that has more or less oxygen absorbs different levels of red and infrared light, so the result is determined by its reflection.

ECG capability must be approved and activated by its medical authorities in each country. That is why many countries, including Iran, are not yet able to use this feature.

Apple Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 3 have various and attractive capabilities for tracking health and wellness. But by the end of 2020, Apple will launch a new service called Fitness Plus, which will allow you to access sports videos on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. This service includes activities such as yoga, cycling with the machine and running on the treadmill. The role of the Apple Watch is to send your physical activity to the Fitness Plus interface so you can see your heart rate and other related information.

Operating System, Power and Battery

Samsung has a brilliant performance in terms of battery life. The company has made the Galaxy Watch last 3 to 3 days by offering a 340 mAh battery in the 45 mm model (and 247 mAh in the 41 mm model). Of course, if you use GPS tracking a lot, the device will last up to two days.

Apple says the Apple Watch 6, like previous generations, lasts about 18 hours. So the Galaxy Watch 3 actually performs better here.

Comparing the CPU power of the two devices is a bit unreasonable, as they each use different operating systems and software, and we can hardly find common ground between them. However, none of these products like the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro have very low-power processors that can extend their battery life.

Both watches have their own app store. The Apple Watch 6 uses the Apple App Store, which is better than the Galaxy Watch 3 App Store. This store has more apps and more developers are focusing on it. The reason is obvious, because the number of Apple Watch owners is more than any other smartwatch currently on the market.

The Galaxy Watch 3 uses the Tizen OS user interface, which interacts with the rotating edge of the device. The Apple Watch 6 uses watchOS 7, which is a three-dimensional interface and is very different from what we know from conventional interfaces.


The base price of these two products starts from $ 399. The base model of the Apple Watch is a 40mm version with an aluminum rim and a cotton or silicone strap, while the Galaxy Watch 3 comes in a 41mm version with a leather strap.

If you are looking for a larger device, you can get the 44mm Apple Watch 3 or the 45mm Galaxy Watch 3 for $ 429. Cellular or 4G / LTE versions of Apple's smartwatch are more expensive, starting at $ 499 and $ 529 for the 40mm or 44mm model. Samsung sells its 41- and 45-mm LTE models for $ 449 and $ 479, respectively.

Also, if you want to have an Apple Watch with a stainless steel body, the price of these products starts from $ 699. Of course, in addition to the stainless steel version, Samsung also offers a titanium version of the Galaxy Watch 3, which is priced at $ 600.



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Daily InfoTainment: Apple Watch 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 | Your Best Guide to choose
Apple Watch 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 | Your Best Guide to choose
Apple Watch 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 | Your Best Guide to choose,
Daily InfoTainment
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