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“Facebook Campus” | A special Platform for College Students Launched

"Facebook Campus" | A special Platform for College Students Launched

Facebook has announced the creation of a platform called ‘ Facebook Campus ‘ to communicate with classmates following the closure of educational institutions during the global epidemic .

Under the Facebook campus, a special Facebook space will be given to college students. Facebook administration says campuses are partially or completely closed and students are studying online. In this context, everyone wants to connect with the college day. So it will be a college network. Thanks to this platform, you can stay away from college and stay connected to college.

"Facebook Campus" | A special Platform for College Students Launched

According to the administration, this is a portal similar to Facebook Workplace which will be reserved only for colleges. It can be opened after verifying the email address of the college. Students will be able to form study groups and continue virtual activities.

Each campus profile will have your name, cover photo, photo of your Facebook profile. Degree year and other details can also be added while you can delete your profile whenever you want.

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