Google Released Android 11 – Check Major Enhancements and Full Features

Google Released Android 11 – Check Major Enhancements and Full Features

Google released Android 11. Users who use multiple messengers will particularly benefit from the upgrade. Because in Android 11, the messenger’s communications are grouped together in one place in the notifications. Users can prioritize communications according to their most important contacts so as not to miss any important messages. With Bubbles you can also reply to an important message immediately without having to change the app.

Do you want to record the processes or audios of your android and share them with others? No problem with the new Screen Recording You can use it to record the microphone inputs or other audio activities of your android without the need for a separate app.

There is also a central contact point in Android 11 for smart home enthusiasts. However, only for compatible thermostats, LEDs or door locks etc. You can access these by pressing the power button for a long time.

Important for Android users who pair their Android smartphone with the car’s infotainment system, Android Auto now also supports wireless data transmission. In addition to Android 11 on the smartphone, a compatible car is required. 

Further improvements relate to media control, the control of app authorizations and the installation of security updates, which should land more quickly on Android 11 smartphones in the future. Owners of a Pixel version 2 or higher get additional features for organizing and managing the smartphone with Android 11.

Android 11 will be rolled out from today. Initially for pixels from Pixel 2, but also for One-Plus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme smartphones. Google describes all the new features of Android 11 here and in more detail on this page

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