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LG reveals its Sliding Mobile Phone ” LG Wing” Teaser

At the end of the unveiling of the LG Wing, the Korean giant released a short teaser in which the company’s rolling future mobile phone can be seen.

LG reveals its Sliding Mobile Phone " LG Wing" Teaser

Last night, LG unveiled a different smartphone called the Wing, but at the end of the event, it showed a short teaser of the company’s next product; A device that will probably be the next member of the Explorer project and a device with a rolling screen.

This short teaser does not provide specific information, but we can see the side of the device from which the screen comes out and enters again before the scene darkens. At the end, before displaying the Explorer project logo, it says: “Hold your breath.”

LG reveals its Sliding Mobile Phone " LG Wing" Teaser

First introduced with Wing’s innovative smartphone project, Explorer seeks to inject new life into the world of smartphones. Therefore, the release of mobile phones with rolling screens will be well compatible with this goal.

Rolling or sliding phones are not a new idea because TCL has already unveiled prototypes of its products in this field . However, products with this form factor have not yet entered the consumer market, and LG can use these conditions well. The company had previously unveiled the Rolling Smart TV, and it makes sense that it should now consider launching a mobile phone with this design.

In July, it was reported that LG wanted to launch its rolling mobile phone in early 2021 . The report claimed that the device’s OLED panel was manufactured by BOE, and this was later confirmed by supply chain analyst Ross Young. According to Young, LG’s upcoming product will have a 6.8- to 7.4-inch display and will be introduced in the first half of 2021.

Al-Jay announced its annual revenue decline last quarter for the 11th consecutive fiscal year. However, the company’s last quarter earnings were better than the previous quarter. Now LG is working hard to find better conditions in the mobile market after the elimination of the G series with the introduction of new and innovative products.

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