Famous Indian Singer Neha Kakkar tied the knot with Singer Rohan Preet

Neha Kakkar

Famous Indian singer Neha Kakkar tied the knot with singer Rohan Preet yesterday. A few days ago, singer Neha Kakkar's new song 'Neha Da Via' was released in which singer Rohan Preet Singh was with her. Now the singer is married to Rohan Preet Singh and she shared photos with her fans. Neha Kakar first shared photos of the 'Haldi' ceremony on her Instagram account wearing a beautiful yellow frock. 

Neha Kakkar

Later, singer Neha Kakkar shared some photos of her henna ceremony in which she is wearing a green dress. According to Indian media, singer Neha Kakkar yesterday got married in New Delhi temple according to Sikh traditions. Neha fans after knowing her wedding news, whished her with prayers.

Neha Kakkar parted ways with singer and dancer Himanshu Kohli in 2018. It should be noted that singer Neha Kakkar has managed to make a name for herself in Bollywood due to her unique voice.

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