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Marvel’s first Pakistani Muslim Woman Superhero has just been Finalized

Leading Hollywood film studio Marvel Studios has selected a Pakistani-American girl for the first Muslim superhero female TV series. Marvel Studios has selected Iman Walani, a teenager from New Jersey, for the first Muslim female superhero series.

Marvel Studios quoted Iman Walani in a post as saying that she is a Pakistani-American citizen in Jersey and a high school graduate student. Iman Walani started her career with director Minhaj Baig’s film Halla last year before working in a superhero film.

In the said film, Iman Walani had played the role of a Pakistani girl named Hala and the story of the film revolves around her and now Iman Walani will play the role of Kamala Khan of Pakistani origin in the superhero series.

Marvel Studios hired four Muslim directors, including Sharmeen Obaid Chennai, to direct the series on September 20 last month.

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