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7 years old Rory Van can lift 80 kg Weight. Check Canadian Girl Exercise Videos

It seems impossible for a 7 year old girl to life 80 kg weight. But this impossible was made possible by a very young and super strong Canadian gjrl.

7-year-old Rory Van, who was obsessed with weightlifting, started weightlifting when she was just 5 years old. Rory Wayne’s father started weightlifting training for his hobby. However, at just 7 years of age, little Rory has been able to lift as much weight as a normal teenager can.
 The Rory van is 4 feet tall and exercise squat with 61kg, the jerk with 42kg and snatch position with 32kg. Last week, Rory Wayne was crowned champion in the 30kg category of the American 11 and 13 year old weightlifters. Rory also has the distinction of being the youngest Youth National Champion in US history. She is the best ‘pound for pound’ lifter in the under 11 category.
In an interview with a foreign news agency, Rory said: “I like to strengthen myself so that I can do better in what I’m doing. I don’t care what happens or will happen. I just fulfill my passion. ”
However, Rory’s father said, “My daughter is not only the strongest girl in the world, but at this age no such strong boy or girl has been born.”

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