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Google New Storage Policy, accounts inactive for 2 years will be deleted

Google has introduced a policy of deleting data from accounts that have been inactive for two years, with effect from June 2021.

Google will delete accounts which remains inactive for 2 years
Leading search engine Google has introduced a new policy regarding its Gmail or Google account, under which accounts that have not been used for two years will be deleted, according to a report by a foreign news agency.
According to company policy, the change will not apply to Google One users who pay a monthly fee, nor will it apply to Vigil Workspace, G Suite for Education.
 According to a report by a foreign news agency, under the new policy of Google, from June 2021, photos and videos will have to be kept in the 15 GB online storage provided for storing emails and files with Google account.
According to the company, 8% of its users can take at least 3 years to fill 15GB of storage, but 20% can fill it in a very short time. However, from 2021, photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will count against 15 GB alloted storage.

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