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Whatsapp ready to give tough time to Google Mate and Zoom. Multiple new features will be released in 2021

According to the a foreign news agency, an official of WhatsApp said that “we are not only ready to compete with big companies like Google Mate and Zoom but we will present the practical proof of this at the beginning of next year”.

He said that soon a new feature will be available to the users using WhatsApp on desktop after which it will be easier to use the application on computer.
 Users using the desktop version will be able to access audio and video calling as well as increase the duration of calls and include larger photos of friends. New update will also Expand message and video calls options.
“We’ve been working on a desktop feature like Zoom for the last several months, which has been completed and now the service is being tested for specific users,” he said.
 “As soon as the experiment of connecting the WhatsApp to the desktop and using it in an experimental way is successful, the service will be available to the general users as well.”
 “We are confident that the service will be available to the general public early next year so that they can meet on the computer, teach online and do business,” he said.

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