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World Famous Celebrities who converted to Islam in 2020

World Famous Celebrities who converted to Islam in 2020

This year many unexpected things happened. Along with many other things, few famous personalities also converted to Islam. Here, we will be sharing all famous icons who accepted Islam. 

Leading YouTuber J. Pulfry

 Leading YouTuber J. George William Pluffy from the UK decided to enter Islam during a visit to Turkey in September this year.
 He also shared a video on his YouTube channel titled “I have become a Muslim”.
 YouTuber J. Pulfry shared a 7-minute, 25-second video on his YouTube channel in which I can see George William entering the realm of Islam after reciting the Kalima Shahadat at Istanbul’s Sulaymaniyah Mosque.

Canadian travel blogger Rosie Gabriel

 Earlier this year, Rosie Gabriel, a longtime Canadian travel blogger, announced her conversion to Islam. She said in a post on Instagram that 2019 was one of the most difficult years of his life but all the challenges of life have brought him to this point today.
The Canadian blogger said that while traveling in Muslim countries for the past decade, he saw that Islam was a religion of peace.

 Dutch boxing champion Ruby Jessia Messi

 In November of this year, Ruby Jesse, the Dutch boxing champion known as “The Lady Tyson” and the kickboxer, formally converted to Islam in the presence of witnesses at the mosque.

 Swedish boxer Budu Jack

 In August this year, Swedish professional boxer Budu Jack shared a photo on Instagram with his former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson and Amir Abdul while praying.

Mia, Wife of Singer Kim Dawood

 Mia, wife of new Muslim Korean YouTuber and former pop singer Kim Dawood
 Mia, a former South Korean singer and YouTuber’s wife, also converted to Islam this year after converting from Christianity in 2019.
 In November this year, Kim Dawood shared a video on YouTube titled “My wife became a Muslim” and announced that his wife was a Muslim. In the video, Dawood Kim can be seen reciting the word of martyrdom to his wife Mia.

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