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Short Film Lambee Raat based on Innocent groom who waits impatiently to meet his wife on first night

Short Film Lambee Raat

Entertainment platform C Prime has released another interesting short film ‘Lambee Raat’ for its viewers.

 The film has won the First Judge’s Award at the Digital Platform and Short Film Festival DiceCam 2018. At the festival, the film has won the award for Best Sound and Acting in the Films and Documentary category.
 It is a dark comedy film based on the story of an innocent groom who waits for his bride to meet him on the first night but spends the whole night in a state of restlessness with fun, curiosity and longing.

The main characters of the film are Saleem Meraj and Kaisa Zehra. The story of this film is written by Ammar Chishti while it is directed by Syed Ramil Ahsan, an emerging young man in the industry.
 “I am very happy to work talented young people in our industry and there is nothing more gratifying for me than to be able to take them forward and Give the opportunity to present their talent.”

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