Sajal Aly Mimicking Amir Liaquat Video going Viral

Celebrities share their moments with fans on social media in a variety of ways. Some seem to express themselves in a humorous way and some in an emotional way.

Sajal Aly Mimicking Amir Liaquat Video going Viral

The celebrity we are going to talk about today has got the attention of the fans by uploading a video of Mimicking Amir Liaquat.
 According to sources, a video of actress Sajjal Ali has become the center of attention on social media in which she is imitating television host Amir Liaquat Hussain and addressing her friends.
In the video, it can be seen that Sajjal Ali is chatting with friends in the style of Amir Liaquat. Sajjal Ali’s performance in the style of Amir Liaquat has got attention from Instagram users.

 It should be noted that Sajjal Ali has also acted in Indian films including Pakistani dramas. Fans really love her as a person and actress.

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