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Neelam Munir Dance on Pashto Song

Actress Neelam Munir is one of the gorgeous actress of Pakistan. Recently a video of Neelam Munir dancing while wearing a saree has gone viral on the internet.

The traditional dance of Pakistani actress Neelam Munir to a Pashto song has gone popular on the internet. The actress Neelam Munir is seen dancing in a saree in a video that has emerged.

Neelam Munir Dance on Pashto Song

The actress is seen dancing in a room with another person in this video. Fans of Neelam Munir love the video, and it’s going viral on social media.

Other Neelam Munir followers have criticised her for dancing to Pashto music while others have said that she seems to be ‘milling’ as some Insta users have said.

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