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A music video shot entirely on a phone? Xiaomi 11 T series making cinemagic

As our progression into the ever-dynamic digital era continues, technological advances continue leaving one awestruck, alongside the film and music industry which is fervently being revolutionised. With macro lens and state-of-the-art tech that is coupled with advanced AI, creative freedom is enjoyed unlike anything ever experienced before.

A music video shot entirely on a phone - Xiaomi 11
T series making cinemagic

Tech giant, Xiaomi, recently launched its Xiaomi 11 T series which packed overall upgrades and amazing changes in the camera. Xiaomi took its marketing to a whole new level, by shooting a music video exclusively on this mobile device. Sounds too good to be true, right? I bet. However, with the 108MP wide-angle camera, 8K recording and other amazing
features in your pocket, every moment captured is purely cinematic.

The entire music video is shot in Skardu, using the new Xiaomi 11 T Pro with its new
cinemagic features. A week-long retreat with Mooroo, Yashma Gill, By Rooj, Hemayal Attique, Art by Wasif and many other top influencers and content creators. Everyone tested the devices first hand, explored the features in the scenic place around them.

The music video is shot over multiple locations in Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan; from the man-made Manthoka Waterfall all the way to the picturesque cold Sarfaranga Desert. The storyline revolves around friends coming together, having a good time, and living in the present by celebrating life’s most captivating moments. The heart-warming lyrics and soft instrumentals play against the absolutely stunning visuals of Skardu to set a tranquil tone. From exploring the woods, laughing by the campfire, and expressing love for companionship, Xiamoni brings to light the magic of technology driving a language
spoken by us all – music.

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