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E – Sports Earning | Pakistan bags 29th Position

There has been a steady rise in the gaming industry in PakE – Sports Learningistan. Currently, our country is in 29th place out of 150 for esports revenue.

E - Sports Learning | Pakistan bags 29th Position

It is estimated that there are currently 278 Pakistani-based professional soccer players earning a total of Rs. 845 million annually. Sumail Hassan, a professional Dota 2 player from Pakistan, is currently the country’s highest-paid gamer. Online gaming has brought him a total of Rs. 675 million in earnings to this point in his life.

It has just been announced that Arslan Ash has won his third major Tekken tournament at the CEO 2021 in Florida. For the first time ever, Pakistan’s esports talent has made it into the top 30 countries for esports earnings.

E - Sports Learning | Pakistan bags 29th Position
Arsalan Ash

With an annual growth rate of 9.64 percent, the global gaming industry totals $200 billion. Compared to this figure, Pakistan’s gaming industry is still very small. Technology exports from the country have topped $2 billion, but the gaming industry is still lagging behind other regions.

The Turkish gaming community, for example, has raised $238 million this year and is still growing steadily.

In spite of the fact that Pakistan is a relatively small market for gaming, the Pakistani esports industry is constantly growing. More and more Pakistani players are making their way into the esports scene thanks to Arslan Ash’s decision to include the country on the map.

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