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LG OLED EX tech to enhance brightness upto 30%

On Wednesday, LG unveiled the OLED EX, the company’s newest line of OLED TV panels. More brightness, better picture quality, and improved colour accuracy are just some of the advantages of the new OLED panel.

LG OLED EX tech to enhance brightness upto 30%

Rather than hydrogen, LG claims its new OLED EX panel uses deuterium (via 9to5Mac). Organic light-emitting elements, which contain hydrogen, were successfully converted into stable deuterium by the company, then used in OLED EX. LG explains that the organic light-emitting diodes are more durable and efficient thanks to deuterium compounds and personalised image processing algorithms. When used in a solar panel, deuterium is 30 percent brighter and more efficient than hydrogen compounds.

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After learning individual viewing patterns, the display precisely controls its energy input to express details and colours in the video content. The OLED EX panel also utilises LG’s personalised algorithms to predict the use of organic light-emitting diodes.

LG OLED EX tech to enhance brightness upto 30%

OLED EX promises a 30% reduction in bezel thickness in addition to better picture quality and increased brightness. LG claims to have reduced the bezel on 65-inch OLED panels from 6mm to 4mm.

From the second quarter of 2022, LG plans to incorporate OLED EX technology into its OLED TV panels. However, OLED EX-equipped TVs have yet to be released by the company.

CES 2022, which takes place in Las Vegas next month, will feature LG’s new transparent OLED panels.


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