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​​A Gaming Beast Like None Other – realme GT Master Edition

For several months the country’s smartphone landscape particularly gaming pros had waited with bated breath for a device that had them talking even before it landed in Pakistan.

And yet, when the real gaming beast realme GT Master Edition arrived, it lived up to all the accolades it had earned in its stead, turning out to be #thereal5Gflagshipkiller. 

realme GT Master Edition

The phone was put to test and the results were massively powering – passing the AnTuTu test with a score of 541000 points. The powerhouse performance is courtesy of a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G 5G Processor, that powers the device and keeps it cool for hardcore gaming.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G 5G Processor

The realme GT Master Edition comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G processor for lightning-fast processing and seamless performance at all times. It is best suited for heavy gaming and media processing. The 6nm chipset helps bulky graphics breeze through like air to give a smooth gaming experience to the player. 

GT Mode – An Ace up the Sleeve

​​A Gaming Beast Like None Other – realme GT Master Edition

realme users will always have an ace up their sleeve in the form of GT Mode which can be activated to unleash peak CPU performance and lightning-fast speed when required. The GT Mode is the ultimate weapon in realme GT Master Edition’s performance arsenal to unlock the fiercest mode in gaming or wherever the need emerges.

Vapor Chamber Cooling System

The realme GT Master Edition is best suited for gaming because it eliminates one of the most dreadful irritants for gamers; throttling, the unwelcome heating up, and slowing down of the processor as it tackles heavy graphics in gaming. The realme GT Master Edition has the best answer to the issue in form of its ultra-modern heat dissipation mechanism.

​​A Gaming Beast Like None Other – realme GT Master Edition

The realme GT Master Edition’s innovative Vapor Chamber Cooling System effectively cools down the processor to keep its performance at optimum levels. This feature makes the phone ideal for Pakistan, where we experience extended summers.

In addition, the processor supports all mainstream 5G networks globally. With the new realme GT Master Edition, we will be ever ready to embrace the upcoming technological transformation all for PKR 66,999/-.

realme has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing brands in Pakistan as well as around the world. Its extensive smartphone line-up caters to various price segments but has a strong focus on delivering top quality, innovative tech, and the best user experience to its customers across all price segments.

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