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realme’s New Budget-Friendly realme 9i with Premium Specs is Setting the Market Ablaze

Since its launch in Pakistan, the realme 9i has shaken up the smartphone market. The mid-range smartphone is popular with users who value performance at an economical price.

realme has held activities and giveaways around the country to allow people to drop by and experience realme 9i or participate in the activities and have a chance to win the new smartphone. The realme 9i continues to carry the torch of innovation and tech democratization, which is the backbone of realme’s Number series.

realme 9i’s RAM comes with Dynamic RAM Expansion (DRE) technology

With an attractive price tag of just PKR 36,999/-, realme 9i brings incredible performance, camera capabilities, battery life, and design to the price-conscious consumer. Curious minds may wonder what exactly allows the realme 9i to deliver on all of these fronts so flawlessly, so let’s take a deeper look inside the smartphone to get an understanding.

realme's New Budget-Friendly realme 9i with Premium Specs is Setting the Market Ablaze

The realme 9i comes fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset featuring transistors that are 6nm in size to deliver superior power. This size of transistors allows for higher transistor density than its 12nm counterparts would allow. This effectively leads to the system draining less capacity, and the phone’s performance is boosted. The Snapdragon 680 processor on the realme 9i consumes 62% less energy than a 12nm processor, which regulates the phone’s temperature, extends your battery life, and even stabilizes your frame rate.

realme 9i features an impressive 50 MP AI Triple Camera

The Adreno 610 GPU found in the realme 9i’s Snapdragon processor supports the smartphone’s smooth 90Hz refresh rate. This significantly improves the general user experience by reducing animation, scrolling, and gaming blur. Your display is crystal clear regardless of the activity you are performing on your phone.

realme's New Budget-Friendly realme 9i with Premium Specs is Setting the Market Ablaze

While 6GB RAM doesn’t seem like a lot on the surface, that is not an accurate reflection of the realme 9i’s RAM capabilities as the handset comes with realme’s Dynamic RAM Expansion (DRE) technology, allows for an additional 5GB of virtual RAM. This will enable users to take advantage of the smooth experience of a handset with up to 11GB RAM depending on their preferences.

realme's New Budget-Friendly realme 9i with Premium Specs is Setting the Market Ablaze

The realme 9i isn’t just practical. It’s also beautifully designed. It introduces a unique Stereo Prism Design, which presents a dynamic effect of three-dimensional light and shadow transformation across the back of the smartphone, making it seem as if the light is trapped inside the design and moving through it as you move the phone. realme gives you a choice between two eye-catching color variants for the 9i – Prism Black and Prism Blue. The uniqueness of the design is aided by the use of industry-leading, 8-layer optical coating on the phone’s backside, providing layering and transparency. Light is refracted through multiple layers of nanoscale film, and the glare is superimposed with high color saturation. This creates a stunning visual effect of light flowing through the smartphone.

One of the most sought-after features of a smartphone is a good camera. realme understands the needs of its consumers, which is why the new realme 9i features an impressive 50 MP AI Triple Camera to fulfill all of your photography desires. For close-up photography of more minor subjects, the macro lens on the realme 9i can help as it captures high amounts of detail of minuscule issues. For more artistic shots, there is also a black and white portrait lens included so you can flex your creativity.

You also get access to various photography modes such as night mode, panoramic view, expert mode, time-lapse, portrait mode, HDR, ultra-macro, AI beauty, filter, super text, and slow-motion mode. The front camera of the realme 9i is also no joke. Boasting a 16MP HD selfie camera, the realme 9i allows you to take crisper, more precise, and vibrant selfies.
Smartphones these days need to keep up with the fast pace of life and its stringent demands that require heavy usage of phones. The realme 9i comes equipped with 33W Dart Charge technology which can fully charge the handset’s massive 5000mAh battery in an astonishingly fast 70 minutes. This gigantic battery will also take its time to drain, allowing you to use your phone without worries.

With regular performance, the realme 9i can give you 995 hours of standby time, 48.4 hours of talk time, 20.7 hours of WhatsApp usage, or 116.3 hours of music playback. However, even when the realme 9i is in super power-saving mode, you can still get decent hours of use. At 5% battery with super power-saving mode enabled, you can still get 49.9 hours of standby time, 2.46 hours of talk time, 1.49 hours of WhatsApp usage, and 5.91 hours of music playback.

realme understands its consumers, so every phone is created with the customer’s preferences and constraints in mind. The brand new realme 9i is available now in the 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM variant for just PKR 36,999/-. Grab yours today from any local mobile store around you before stock runs out.

About realme

realme is a global emerging consumer technology company disrupting the smartphone and AIoT market by making cutting-edge technologies more accessible. It provides a range of smartphones and lifestyle technology devices with premium specs, quality, and trend-setting designs to young consumers at affordable prices.

Established by Sky Li in 2018 and driven by its “Dare to Leap” spirit, realme is the world’s 6th largest smartphone company and has become one of the top 5 smartphone players in 30 markets globally in just three years. As of Q2, 2021, realme has entered 61 markets worldwide, including China and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, and has a global user base of over 100 million.


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