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10 different sorts of shirts a man needs, plus advice on how to wear each one

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We are talking about a clothing item that works regardless of the social situations we find ourselves in. From the office to events or on a business trip to a virtual meeting when working from home, the shirt is the clothing we need for any men’s outfit. What characteristics do we look for when buying a men’s shirt? Tudor Tailor makes shirts in the fitting that best complements your shape, whether it be slim or conventional fit. If you are among the men who wear business clothes, you regularly opt for white, navy blue, pale pink, and lilac shirts, but also for patterned shirts in different coloured stripes. Not to be overlooked are casual checked shirts and those with other prints.

10 different sorts of shirts a man needs

10 different sorts of shirts a man needs

Moreover, there are seasonal summer shirts, such as linen or cotton-linen blends, in most colour palettes. In addition to size and pattern, the material from which the shirt is cut is an essential factor in appearance and comfort. In this article, we recommend 11 shirts that every man should own.

A staple piece of any outfit is the white shirt.

When we refer to a white shirt, we refer to an article of clothing we frequently wear and that every man’s wardrobe should have one good example of but numerous. Men in white shirts It must be carefully chosen for lasting use and flawless appearance as a base outfit. elegant shirts The white CLEAVE shirt, for a classic company.

10 different sorts of shirts a man needs, plus advice on how to wear each one

The white shirt is a crucial component of our professional attire. This model features a reinforced Italian collar that exposes a discreet pattern and button cuffs that guarantee a perfect look. fashionable white shirts “At least one white shirt that can be worn for various events should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. A must-have piece in wrinkle-resistant cotton fabrics that ventilate the body and provide all-day comfort. – Adrian Belbe, fashion consultant Medieval Tailor. lovely shirt for men. The most stylish business card is the VINSON shirt.

black shirt, contemporary

Break free of the “safe” label and choose a stunning outfit for a special evening in the city. An all-black outfit with a slim tie and other carefully selected accessories will fit modern gentlemen like a glove. shirts in black A pair of black chinos and a black belt are the simplest way to dress up a black shirt. men’s black shirts ” Matching pieces of clothing is essential to a successful all-black outfit. So, the fewer layers you opt for, the more you’ll stick to a clean look. Don’t hesitate to wear this modern yet exquisite and masculine Everything will depend on your attitude. By Adrian Belle, a suit advisor at Tudor Tailor. Customize the black shirt with Tudor Tailor for a modern outfit! 

The Howe shirt

The Howe shirt, which features a bow tie collar and exquisite cuffs, is a prominent example of formal occasions. The shirt is constructed of semi-glossy Twill fabric, which gives it a more pricey and regal aspect. It also feels quite sensitive against the skin. It is the best option for a groom in one of the most significant phases of his life, even though it wrinkles more quickly due to its fineness and delicate nature. The clean and proper look, accessorized with custom cufflinks, will carry you into the unique wedding atmosphere! men’s bow tie Mark the special occasion dress in a Karston dress shirt with hidden buttons, bow tie collar and breastplate. Make a stylish choice, and get ready to rejoice with your loved ones! The KARSTON shirt is a men’s wedding garment that offers unmatched elegance.

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Royal Oxford is the fabric used to make the Karson shirt, whose name suggests it is incredibly polished. Hence the threads used are significantly finer. Compared to other textiles, the sweater seems silkier and gentler to the touch by nature. This white tint makes it ideal for formal settings, whether with a suit or a tuxedo. Explore the entire assortment of standard shirt models from Tudor Tailor! 

The summer linen shirt 

Linen fabrics are proposed for high temperatures and are an excellent solution. Men who opt for linen blend shirts will enjoy increased comfort and a relaxed yet elegant look that will accompany them throughout the day.  ” The versatility of linen shirts appeals to many men who opt for this fabric when wearing an outfit in the spring-summer season, but which can be worn and successfully adapted to a look for cooler days.” – Adrian Belle, stylist advisor Tudor Tailor. Choose the linen shirt that best expresses your personality, and let yourself be dressed in a fabric that will cool your hot summer days!

Office shirt for business meetings

For men who always want to be ready to make an excellent first impression, the office shirt fits the body with great fidelity, being tailored for extended wear. It can be matched with chinos, jeans or even fine linen or wool trousers, the office shirt being extremely flexible depending on the office and its location!

The slim fit, cambered shirt 

For an athletic conformation, the best choice is the slim fit shirt. It is a much more cambered type of fitting, as a result of which you will get an outfit that will benefit you and highlight your figure. The slim-fit men’s shirt’s cut follows the body’s contours. We opt for this item of clothing to make an imposing presence on every occasion.

If you have a more robust conformation, opting for garments with a regular fit is advisable.

Although a classic fit or relaxed fit is sometimes connected with a regular fit, it should be noted that there is a tiny variation between the two. If more material is used for a more functional design for the classic fitting, the regular fit cut will mould to the body. Still, at the same time, it will allow the skin to breathe freely.” – Adrian Belle, stylist advisor Tudor Tailor. ” As a rule, the regular fit silhouette will emphasize the line of the shoulders. The chest, waist and arms are relaxed, so we choose the regular shirt for a casual look.” – Adrian Belle, stylist advisor Tudor Tailor.

The navy shirt is a wardrobe essential

 The range of men’s shirts in classic shades of navy, such as light blue, mark their place in any man’s wardrobe as an essential piece of clothing. This elegant shade will compliment your chosen look every time, from the job interview outfit to the business event in an azure landscape.” The light navy-blue shirt perfectly contrasts office or business casual outfits. It is a splash of colour that will make you stand out.” – Adrian Belle, stylist advisor at Tudor Tailor. Chromatic pieces in an outfit can achieve an irresistible masculine presence. Of particular masculinity, dark blue is a demanding shade, which, accessorized with the right company, can have a timeless effect.” Although the dark navy shirt is recommended in combinations with cool tones, you can choose earthy shades for the outfit, such as burgundy or grenadine, and you can opt for a classic check jacket that will take you out of your comfort zone with style and sophistication.” – Adrian Belle, stylist advisor Tudor Tailor.

The Plane shirt, a casual model

 If any man has a collection of formal shirts in his wardrobe, an update with some everyday items is needed as the warm season approaches. The Checked pattern remains in men’s attention as it is classic. Whether you want a more discreet print or go bold with a bold design and colour, opt for the plaid shirt that will always complement your outfit. Most of the time, checks are present among office or intelligent shirts. The Aviva shirt can be paired with a casual look with a bold check print with red details.

The Oxford Shirt, for a Smart- Casual Outfit

The Oxford shirt is so named because it is constructed from a fabric that uses a unique method of traditional basket weaving that originated in 19th-century Scotland. The Result displays a “checkerboard” effect. The fabric consists of fine fibres that provide a soft, smooth, durable texture and are slightly transparent. If this seems like a disadvantage, the transparency is a significant advantage because it allows your body’s skin to breathe much better than other fabrics. 

In addition, this transparency makes it the most versatile shirt because you can wear it both in a business environment and with a pair of denim jeans in a more relaxed, business-casual setting.

Choose an Oxford shirt for your casual outfits when wearing chinos with a shirt and a pair of loafers. It is not recommended to wear such a texture for events such as a religious ceremony, a baptism or any other event that involves a more demanding level of elegance. 

The casual shirt, in pastel shades

Bold colours such as pink, purple or green have reached the radar of men’s trends and are appearing in the colours of men’s clothing. They come in pale, muted shades for added elegance and increased affordability. Pastel pink shirts are modern and easy to wear, especially in business or casual suits. The sweater in pastel shades is increasingly sought after for summer season outfits. The warm tones, but at the same time playful, are to the liking of gentlemen who want to wear a piece of clothing suitable both for a business context and for after-hours events. Light and the wrinkle-resistant fabric is the asset we look for when choosing the fitting shirt for summer, and this model in fine twill – double twisted 100% cotton achieves the desired effect. Those looking for a slightly unconventional presence can opt for a modern colour, such as bright purple, fuchsia or green. ” The chromatic evolution of elegant men’s style proposes the approach of shirts in strong colours even in office outfits, which you can match with a navy or black suit, and thus you will keep the label of masculine elegance.” – Adrian Belle, Tudor Tailor suit advisor.

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