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Ab Nahi Milenge Hum Drama – Cast, Start Date, Schedule, and Teaser

Welcome to our blog post where we bring you all the exciting details about the highly anticipated romance drama, “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum.” Get ready to be enthralled by this upcoming TV serial on ARY Digital. In this article, we’ll delve into the cast, start date, and schedule, and even treat you to some fun behind-the-scenes glimpses. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum”!

Ab Nahi Milenge Hum Drama

Ab Nahi Milenge Hum Drama - Cast, Start Date, Schedule, and Teaser

The cast of “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum” is nothing short of fantastic, featuring some of the most talented actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Prepare to witness the captivating performances of Affan Waheed, Sanam Jung, Komal Meer, Aagha Ali, Javed Sheikh, and many other talented individuals. Notably, this drama marks the first collaboration between Aagha Ali and Sanam Jung, as well as Affan Waheed and Komal Meer.

Behind the Scenes Buzz

As the release of “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum” on ARY Digital draws near, the excitement is palpable. Social media platforms are buzzing with incredible behind-the-scenes pictures, providing a sneak peek into the making of this drama serial. Fans cannot contain their enthusiasm as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of Episode 1 of “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum.” Stay tuned for an extraordinary viewing experience!

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Ab Nahi Milenge Hum Drama - Cast, Start Date, Schedule, and Teaser

Meet the Cast of Drama Ab Nahi Milenge Hum

Let’s take a closer look at some of the talented individuals who form the cast of “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum”:

1. Affan Waheed
Affan Waheed is a renowned Pakistani television and film actor, model, and RJ. Known for his remarkable performances in popular dramas such as “Aik Pal,” “Khamoshi,” “Bay Dardi,” and “Do Bol,” Waheed has carved a niche for himself in the industry. He also showcased his acting prowess in the 2020 film “Mastaani.”

2. Komal Meer
Komal Meer, a Pakistani television actress, has earned recognition for her versatile performances. She gained prominence through her portrayal of Rameen in the critically acclaimed series “Ehd-e-Wafa,” produced by Momina Duraid and ISPR. Her acting credits include notable dramas like “Resham Gali Ki Husna,” “Benaam,” “Badshah Begum,” and “Qalandar.”

3. Aagha Ali
Aagha Ali is a multi-talented Pakistani artist who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As an actor, singer, presenter, writer, songwriter, and director, Aagha started his journey at the young age of 19 while still in college. He has showcased his talents in theater, starring in numerous plays as an actor and singer.

4. Sanam Jung
Sanam Jung, a Pakistani actress, model, and former television host and VJ, made her memorable television debut with Hum TV’s popular series, “Dil e Muztar.” Known for her charming personality and captivating performances, Jung has garnered a loyal fan base throughout her career.

Ab Nahi Milenge Hum Drama Start Date

Mark your calendars! The start date for “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum” is expected to be in June 2023 on ARY Digital. As the drama nears its premiere, the delightful BTS pictures circulating on social media have only intensified the excitement. Be sure to catch the thrilling Episode 1 of “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum” soon on ARY Digital.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the much-anticipated drama, “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum.” From its stellar cast to the behind-the-scenes buzz, everything points to an enthralling and unforgettable viewing experience.

Stay tuned to ARY Digital and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of “Ab Nahi Milenge Hum” as it unveils its tale of romance and drama on your screens.

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