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Anju and Nasrullah Love Story – How Facebook Brought Together Two Lovers from India and Pakistan

Love knows no boundaries, they say. But for Anju and Nasrullah, two lovers from India and Pakistan, their love had to overcome many obstacles before they could be together.

A Love Story that Defied Borders and Barriers

Anju and Nasrullah Love Story - How Facebook Brought Together Two Lovers from India and Pakistan

Anju, an Indian citizen from Uttar Pradesh, worked in a private company. Nasrullah, a Pakistani resident from Dir Bala, a remote district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province that borders Afghanistan, was a social media user. They connected on Facebook a few years ago and started chatting. Soon, their friendship turned into love and they decided to get married.

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How They Faced Visa and Travel Issues

But getting married was not easy for them. They had to face many difficulties in getting a visa and traveling to each other’s countries. Pakistan and India have tense relations and grant very few visas to each other’s citizens. Especially for Anju, who wanted to visit Dir Bala, a region that is not usually accessible to foreigners.

It took them two years to get the visa and permission to travel. Finally, Anju arrived in Pakistan and met Nasrullah’s family. They got engaged and planned to get married soon. Anju said she was happy to be the guest and daughter-in-law of the Pashtuns, who welcomed her warmly.

How Their Story is Similar to Another Cross-Border Romance

Their story is similar to another case of a Pakistani woman named Seema Haider, who crossed the border illegally to meet her Indian lover whom she met on a mobile game. Seema and Sachin fell in love while playing PUBG and decided to elope. Seema left her four children behind and traveled to India with Sachin. She told BBC that she loved him and left her country for him.

How Their Story is Inspiring and Hopeful

These stories of cross-border love are not new, but they are rare and risky. They show how love can transcend nationalities, cultures and religions, but also how it can face many challenges and dangers in a region where hostility and violence are common.

Anju and Nasrullah’s story is inspiring and hopeful. It shows that love can find a way even in the most difficult circumstances. It also shows that social media can be a powerful tool for connecting people across borders and creating bonds that can last a lifetime.

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