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3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors Review

3 Bahadur Rise Of The Warriors release date

No film in the history of Pakistani cinema has completed its trilogy and Sharmeen Obaid – Chinoy’s 3 Bahadur becomes the first franchise to do so with the release of its third and final installment last Friday.
3 Bahadur – Rise of the Warriors not only marked the end of Amna, Kamil and Saadi’s adventures but also hinted at their next collaboration, but more on that later.
It has been doing well in cinemas despite being screened with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and is all set to give a tough competition to Aquaman and Bumblebee that will be releasing on 21st December.
The story revolves around the adventures of Amna, Kami, and Saadi who have been granted special powers to save the world from evils of all kinds. In their third adventure together, they take on villains from abroad who visit our planet through a portal that also brought two beings with superpowers – Babushka and Erma.

While one of them is power hungry, the other wants to use her powers for good and that’s how she meets our heroes who help her in her quest from truth and justice. Deenu Chacha tries to do what he thinks best but when he finds himself on the other side, things become very ugly.

Will Deenu Chacha realize his mistake or will the 3 Bahadur perish in front of their mentor, watch the film to know more.
The film has been written by Kamran Khan who penned the other two parts besides being the animation director and uses his creative skills to come up with a story that involves intergalactic wars, beings from another planet and even recurring villains who try to take revenge from the 3 Bahadur and fail.
Sharmeen Obaid – Chinoy must be commended on roping in Mehwish Hayat and Nimra Bucha as Erma and Babushka and their inclusion takes the quality of voice-overs to another level.

Mehwish Hayat was too good to be ignored as she was doing something for her young fans for the very first time; Nimra Bucha sounds fresh and that’s because she has been theatre trained and worked all over the world. Behroze Sabzwari is as fantastic as he was in the last two parts while Zuhab Khan as Saadi keeps his ground in front of such big stars.

Bashar Amir Shafi joined the cast as Kamil and was hilarious whereas Arisha Razi still couldn’t better the original Amna, voiced extremely well by Muneeba Yaseen in the first part. Fahad Mustafa, Sarwat Gillani, Fahim Khan, and Mustafa Changezi were as usual impressive but they didn’t have much to do with the story.

The animation of this installment was best amongst all three 3 Bahadur flicks but somehow, it didn’t hit as hard as the first two.
The forced introduction of Dettol Warriors, as well as the end of the trilogy, could have been avoided because a) Dettol Warriors aren’t as big as Commander Safeguard who is worshipped by kids throughout the world and b) because all good things must not come to an end, no matter what.

3 Bahadur was a game-changing experience and something to look forward to once every two years and one hopes that some Multinational Company decides to revive everyone’s favorite superheroes so that they can go on saving the world, the way they know it.
The soundtrack didn’t feature Shiraz Uppal for the first time and that was a mistake because he knew how to come up with songs that are memorable; the song here looked forced and could have been avoided.

On the whole, it’s a good film that could have been better had it not ended; Amna, Saadi, and Kamil will be missed when something bad takes place in our cities now!
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