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Careem launching a bus service – Fake News Spread

A news circulating the internet about Careem starting its bus services in Pakistan has been officially busted by the company. A representative from the company privately contacted us to confirm the rumors.

According to the news, the international ride-hailing service was planning to launch its bus services in Pakistan.

The original news read that the ride-hailing service was being used by 30 million registered users, making it the biggest and most successful ride-hailing services provider of Pakistan.

The news further read that the company was now planning to expand to affordable inter-city bus services which would work similarly to its ride-hailing services provided through an app.

The article featured words from the CEO of Careem which said that the company’s research has helped them identified that there were not enough cars to compensate all the consumers in Pakistan, hence the company would be starting a bus service.

It further read that the bus services by Careem would be priced around 60% below average market rate. The buses would be spacious, comfortable, and air-conditioned.

It all sounded great and the story propelled to extreme virality on Pakistani social media until Careem busted the rumor themselves.

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