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Kill Your Time With These Popular Shows on Netflix

Netflix has a wide variety of shows that cater to the test of everyone. Action, drama, suspense, horror, thriller – name it, and you shall find it. Besides, the affordable subscription plans, the ability to share accounts, controlling account with Google Assistant, offline downloads to watch things later, and an excellent playback interface make Netflix a favorite pastime on the weekend. If you are wondering about what new shows to watch on Netflix, then you have come to the right place.

Top Netflix Tv Shows 2018

Here is a curated list of 16 new Netflix shows that you can stream right now. These shows are listed in no particular order.
Note: Viewer discretion is advised.


A veteran who has returned from the Middle East war prevents suicide bombers from blowing up the train and also convinces them to surrender. For his extraordinary heroic act, he is promoted and assigned as a special protection officer to protect a conservative and controversial politician. The politics make him despise the politician while his personal life goes under the bus. Watch this drama with several gripping moments.

Narcos: Mexico

The show does justice in highlighting the drug-trafficking scene in Mexico in the 1980s, and CIA’s desperate endeavors to take over it. Times are strange – the war on drugs launched by the United States government is slowly interfering, sneaking into the drug cartels in Mexico. There’s a lot of bloodshed and suspense, coupled with parallel-running storylines that highlight the personal outlook to dealing with deep-rooted corruption.

The Kominsky Method

The Kominsky Method chuckles you up. The story follows the life of an aging actor coach who had a brief glimpse of success. The show is light and has humor and heart. You may, at the end of every episode, have something to take away with you. Besides, the soundtrack will make you open Shazam and find songs through the web series.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you are into witches and stuff, then this is perhaps the show you should be rooting for Christmas. The show revolves around a teenage witch who struggles to make way with her duality – half-mortal, half-witch. She fights the evil world with the support of her family and other humans she lives with. There is a sufficient bit of creaking furniture in the show as well, so you might want to watch out for that.

The Haunting of Hill House

Any Shirley Jackson fans here? The show emerges out of Shirley Jackson’s novel by the same name and takes you to the eeriness of a haunting house in the country where you just wish that daylight never sinks, and night never arrives. The story follows the siblings who grew up in a home which was to go on to become the most haunted house in the country, housing ghosts that lurk in their minds and the shadows of the house on the hill.

The Good Cop

What happens when you have an American cop who doesn’t want to go by the rules? Well, you get a show like The Good Cop which is full of moments of utter comedy and drama. The show takes a unique approach to highlighting the details of the life of a curious cop who goes on to solve some of the most bizarre cases in Brooklyn.

The Rain

The Rain is a new, out of the apocalypse show where two siblings survive in a post-apocalyptic world and join other survivors to head out on the dead land in search of life. It is to their relief to find that in a post-apocalyptic world such as this, there are still traces of love and humanity, which is to become the most crucial weapon in their arsenal.


Two children go missing in a small German town. The quest to search them reveals the fractured, unbalanced relationships of the families that embark on the search. In this first German series produced by Netflix, each of the characters have something to do with the troubled history that the town has on its fate. Ben Forst as the composer takes viewing this web show to a next level. Though the show airs in German but comes with voice over and English subtitles.


Maniac redefines the concept of a psychological thriller for you. In this show, two people participate in a strange pharmaceutical experiment with different reasons to join. The treatment they undergo is bound to solve all the problems in their lives. However, things are clearly not as easy as they seem. The show does well to merge dark humor and psychology to create a mind-boggling masterpiece.


Well, we got another cartoon show on our list. This animated show features the life of Laura and Bartrand who are almost on the verge of parting ways, as the monotony of their days takes the better of their relationships. The show gives cues on the intricacies of a real-life relationship and is sufficiently good to watch with a partner. Besides, the medieval setting of this game makes it fun to watch.


Wanderlust does well to define the concept of monogamy in modern-world relationships. The show revolves around the relationships of a multi-generational family which questions the basic founding steps of a relationship, and how hard it could be to maintain one in the ever-changing dynamics of the active, modern western society. Acclaimed playwright Nick Payne pens the show.


What happens when an always bullied, always ignored girl grows up into a young, beautiful woman, and sets to take revenge from the world. While things may seem to be working out for Patty (the protagonist of the show), nobody has any clue as to what extents she will go to seek revenge from the ones who have wronged her in the past. The show mirrors the consequences of bullying and its negative impact on the mindsets of individuals.

On My Block

Growing up is eventful, and so is keeping a friendship. The show revolves around the lives of four friends who go through high school, tackling the numerous inter-personal challenges that adolescence brings with it. The comedy and drama in this series take after a wholesome approach of living and growing up in a multicultural society where people from different ethnic backgrounds reside.

Altered Carbon

It’s 300 years in the future and society, as one may expect it, has been transformed by new technology. Death is no longer permanent, and human bodies can be interchanged. What is to come next is a fight to survive in the new world order against the backdrop of exciting science fiction concepts that explore all the possibilities that the future may hold for human beings. If you are into science fiction, then this show is a must watch for you.

Big Mouth

Okay, we come to another animated adult sitcom. This show highlights how going through puberty can be a strange thing, even for cartoon characters. Andrew is growing up and so are his friends Nick and Jessi. The show brings up and normalizes situations which can be otherwise considered embarrassing, and thus, is quite lighthearted and humorous.

Super Monsters

In this unique and fun animated show, kids of famous monsters come to a special school. They find themselves with the task of building upon the devilish, monstrous skills that they have inherited from their parents. However, it’s not going to be as easy as it seems as they are still in kindergarten, and somewhat clumsy.

Binge and Chill

Yes, so with this list put up, you must be sorted for next couple of weeks or months. These new Netflix shows are quite interesting and vary in their genres. So you can go with whatever you like, be it comedy, drama, animation, or horror. One of these shows might capture your imagination and cater to your interest.

Happy binging!

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