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Meera Thinks That This Actress Tried To Poison Her

reema poisons meera

Last month, the gorgeous Pakistani actress Reema Khan created an uproar on social media when she reopened some old wounds and shared a horrifying incident.

During an interview to Samaa TV, Reema Khan shared that she had been allegedly poisoned by a fellow actress while she was doing a commercial.

Moreover, the actress also revealed that the person was given Rs 1 lac as a reward but later her co-star apologized for her action.

Well, this was something shocking! 

Reema Khan didn’t name any actress but most of the people assumed that it might be Meera.

Recently, the ‘Baaji’ actress Meera was invited in ARY’s show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’ where the host Waseem Badami asked for her views on Reema’s statement.

Her response left everyone shocked and now people just cannot stop talking about it.

She said:

Reema may have tried to poison me.

Watch her interview below!

We must say, Meera never fails to entertain us and the actress somehow manages to always stay in the limelight.

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