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Project Ghazi makes a comeback – Will now release next month | Watch Trailer

When Project Ghazi, Pakistan’s first superhero movie was announced back in July 2016, it excited nearly every Pakistani who enjoyed watching superhero movies.

It was something new and exciting coming from the Pakistani cinema which was making a comeback at that time. Project Ghazi was originally slated to be released on July 14, 2017.

But on the night of the premiere of the movie, nearly everyone including Hamayun Saeed, one of the actors in the movie, walked away before the premier had finished.

There were so many technical problems with the movie that it was bearly watchable. The producers decided to take the film off from Cinema and announced that the film would not be releasing any more. Since that day, we did not hear any update on the film… until today.

The official Facebook page of the Project Ghazi film has just released a new trailer and have announced that the film will finally hit cinemas on the 22nd of March, which is next month. Here is the full trailer.

Are you excited that Project Ghazi is finally going to be released after a delay of almost two years?

For more information on the movie and latest release info, make sure to follow the official Facebook page.

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