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Ushna Shah Hits Back At Trolls For Commenting On Her Skin-Color

ushna shah hits back to troll

The Alif Allah Aur Insan actress Ushna Shah has always proved that she is pretty much phenomenal at whatever she does.

She has a quality of molding herself into any character and is currently busy conquering our entertainment industry.

She has touched a million hearts already with her beauty and acting skills.

On the other hand, the actress is also known for expressing her thoughts on social media and standing a stand for her.

Recently, Ushna Shah was targeted by a troll who commented on her skin-tone and the actress schooled him like a pro.

Earlier this week, Ushna Shah posted her cute picture from her childhood days and captioned it:

Mama told me, long before I ever came up. Gotta be true, to what you do and keep your game up. ⁣

#FBF #ushnashah

Here is the picture:

However, we all know that internet spares no one, especially our celebrities. One of her haters commented on her skin tone and wrote:

ushna shah hits back at trolls

To which she replied:

ushna shah hits back to haters

The troll later apologized to Ushna Shah and said that she is her favorite actress.

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