It’s official – Marvel’s Captain Marvel will not release in Pakistan

Captain Marvel, the next big movie in the Avenger’s timeline has already been released around the world and has already broken previous release records for Disney around the world.

Marvel movies are quite popular in Pakistan and nearly every single movie from the Avengers timeline has been released in the country and has met with success in box office.

Unfortunately, the latest movie from Marvel, Captain Marvel will not be releasing in Pakistan. According to Cinepax Cinemas, Disney’s regional office did not give Pakistan rights to run Captain Marvel. No other reason was provided. Here is the official statement.

It’s official – Marvel’s Captain Marvel will not release in Pakistan

Hey fans! We truly admire your anticipation for watching Captain Marvel in your nearest Cinepax cinemas. We realize the wait must have made you wonder if it was merely a delay in the release date or else. We are sad to announce that the Disney’s regional office didn’t give Pakistan the rights to run Captain Marvel. Hence, Captain Marvel is not releasing in Pakistan.

Are you disappointed that captain Marvel Won’t make it to Pakistan in Cinemas? We were certainly looking forward to the movie and it comes as a surprise and disappointment.

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