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Confirmed – Captain Marvel to Release in Pakistan on the 26th of April

Captain Marvel, the next big movie in the Avenger’s timeline has already been released around the world and has already broken previous release records for Disney around the world.

Marvel movies are quite popular in Pakistan and nearly every single movie from the Avengers timeline has been released in the country and has met with success in box office.

The movie was not released on its actual release date in Pakistan due to a problem at the distributor’s end. However, it is now confirmed that both Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game will release in Pakistan on the 26th of April.

The news was confirmed by EveryReady Pictures, the official distributor of Marvel movies in Pakistan. Cinema houses have also confirmed that the film will indeed release later this month.

While you wait for Captain Marvel and Avengers, you can watch Shazam, another great superhero movie from DC which is doing great both critically and in the box office. Shazam is set to release in Pakistan this Friday.

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