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Lux Style Awards 2019: Meesha Shafi Takes a Dig at Iman Aly


A number of celebrities created an uproar around the country when they requested to remove their nomination from the Lux Style Awards.

The names of the nominees include Eman Suleman, Rubaab Ali, clothing brand Generation, MUAs Saima Bagfrede, Fatima Nasir, Meesha Shafi, and rock band The Sketches.

However, there are also a number of celebrities who are criticizing the nominees from withdrawing their names.

Similarly, the gorgeous Pakistani model Iman Ali took to her Instagram account and called it a childish step.

She wrote:

Our sense of entitlement to quickly judge anyone and jump to conclusions worrisome specially in this age of social media. A platform that has made it too easy for some to become a part of a controversy or join a band wagon and become famous overnight and potentially ruin anyone’s life or body of work in minutes.

She further added:

Fame and respect should be earned with hard work in time. Not by childish walk outs and social media posts playing judge, jury and executioner.

However, the ace model Eman Suleman did not shy away to take a dig at Iman Ali and wrote:

We’ve worked very hard and it saddens me to see that you, denigrate our efforts. What about the victims who have suffered at the hands of perpetrators in this industry, and other work places; they never got the chance to work hard and achieve what they could, instead the victims ostracised.

iman ali eman suleman

And now Meesha Shafi has entered the battle zone and has lauded Eman Suleman, whilst taking a dig at Iman Aly.

There’s a new Eman in town. And she’s not just beautiful from the outside. The substance she holds within is absolutely stunning!

So so much better than the last one.


— MEESHA SHAFI (@itsmeeshashafi) April 26, 2019

Seems like Lux Style Awards controversy will take a lot of time to die down.

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