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Zhalay Sharhadi Reacts To Being Called Like Priyanka Chopra By Fans!

zhalay and priyanka chopra

The gorgeous Pakistani actress Zhalay Sharhadi is currently doing all rounds on social media as many people think that she has a look-a-like in Bollywood.

A number of netizens think that she is a doppelganger of the Baywatch actress Priyanka Chopra and people just cannot stop talking about it!

It has been reported that Zhalay was even called a ‘cousin’ of the Bollywood actress in India and was also offered to do a body double for Priyanka Chopra.

However, now we finally get to know what the Pakistani diva thinks about it!

She recently appeared in a show with Dino Ali where she was asked about the on-going buzz and said that she always gets offended when people called her a doppelganger of anybody.

While talking about the hype, she said:

I get so much offended when people say that I look very similar to any actress. When they say something like this, it means that I am a carbon copy of somebody which I am not.

Watch the video below.

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