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Danish Taimoor Clears It Up With Fan After Fat-Shaming Her

danish taimoor fat shaming

Actor turned TV host Danish Taimoor has been catching some heat after making fun of one of his show attendees on Bol TV.

During the contest of round of musical chairs, Danish Taimoor was continuously fat-shaming the contestants and calling her ‘aunty’ which created a storm on the social media.

Have a look at the video below.

Danish Taimoor fat shamed a woman on his game show.He kept calling her aunty & commenting on her by saying things “apse kon takraye ga ,abhi dhamaka hu jata, utha kar phenk dengi aunty but the women continued to play with high spirit and later she said mai apna NIC Dekha deti hon

— Farwa (@farwaa_zaidi5) May 17, 2019

As soon as the video went online, a number of netizens took to their social media account and lashed out at the actor for blatantly fat-shaming the girl.

Have a look at what people had to say!

So, #danishtaimoor is pretty despicable – in a long line of Pakistani male celebrities who think they are funny. #BodyShaming isn’t humorous Danish, neither is hurting someone’s feelings. Cracking jokes on how someone looks just really shows what trash you are.

— Alia Chughtai (@AliaChughtai) May 17, 2019

Danish taimoor needs to make a public apology to the woman he humiliated. It’s not funny to comment on woman’s body on public forum.#danishtaimoor

— Farwa (@farwaa_zaidi5) May 17, 2019

Shame on you @danishtaimoor16 Shame on you,
Actor tu hamesha se ap Useless thay,
aur gameshow ke host bhi 0 ho.#DanishTaimoor#bol #AisayChalega @BOLNETWORK

— M Wasif Rehan (@mwasifrehan) May 22, 2019

Fat shaming? This is 2019! Grow up man. Shame!#DanishTaimoor #Pakistan #pakistanmedia

— Fareha Nizam (@FarehaNizam) May 22, 2019

After facing major backlash, Danish Taimoor finally called the same girl on his show again and cleared the air with her.

He said:

You are like my sister and we all are here to play the game and enjoy. There no need to take anything on your heart.

Have a look at the clip!

He also said that his audience is like his family and he would not hurt his family member ever.

Here’s the video!

Moreover, his wife Ayeza Khan also shared the video on her Instagram story and said that she is proud of him.

She posted:

danish taimor fat shaming

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