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Hania Aamir Bursts All The Myths Of Flawlessness In A Powerful Instagram Post


The Janaan actress Hania Aamir is known for her style sense and flawless beauty. From her skin to her hair, she never fails to amaze her fans and followers.

However recently, the actress has been facing severe breakouts and decided to share her lifelong struggle with acne with her followers.

She shared a number of her pictures without any makeup and wrote:

I always had these bumps on my forehead that would just not budge! I had gotten used to them. But, the journey I have been on for a couple of months now has been quite a painful one.

She shared her experience of a trip to Chitral and said:

 I had just come back to Chitral from Kalash and after I washed my face, it started to burn,” she said, adding it instantly turned red. “I didn’t take it seriously but the next day I had tiny red bumps all over my face. I freaked out but didn’t let it get the best of me because I was at work.

She further told painful comments of people and wrote:

Everybody began asking me. I started with the totkas (quick fixes), and then came the anxiety. When I returned from the trip, I calmed down a little as my skin looked clearer than before. But, some three months back, it started to act up again and it was even worse this time!” she added. “I kept it clean, used toner and creams, went to the dermatologists, everything! Nothing seemed to fix my skin and I had my days and nights of crying.

She concluded by saying:

To all the brothers and sisters out there, being a celebrity does not mean perfection. It only means we have chosen a profession that makes us and our lives public but certainly not that we do not go through issues in life. Every individual has their own. Perfection is not what we should be seeking, but being comfortable in our own skin is the key.

Here’s her post!

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