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Load Wedding’s Team Spotted With Aamir Khan


On Wednesday, the producers of ‘Load Wedding’ Fizza Ali Meerza and Nabeel Qureshi attended the opening of Asian Civilization Dialogue hosted by Chinese President Xing Ping Jing.

load wedding team with aamir khan

A number of famous filmmakers from all over Asian countries gathered under one roof and represented their countries.

load wedding team with aamir khan

The event was also attended by President of Sri Lanka, King of Combodia, President of Singapore, Greece and Director General UNESCO.

However, what caught our attention was that the producer and the director got a chance to meet the Bollywood handsome hunk Aamir Khan and now their pictures are doing rounds on social media.

Have a look at the picture!

Another proud moment for the team of ‘Load Wedding’!

Moreover, it has been revealed that Mehwish Hayat’s Load Wedding is opening the Asian film and TV week festival in Guangzhou on 17th May.

load wedding team with aamir khan

Isn’t it amazing!

Well, this movie has not only stolen millions of hearts but it has also taken our entertainment industry to a whole new level.

Load Wedding revolves around the characters of Raja, played by Fahad Mustafa, and Mehwish Hayat’s Meerab, who face obstacles before getting married and then have to fight the evil of dowry for Raja’s sister Baby Baji played by Faiza Hasan.

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