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Reason Behind Huawei Ban

Trump Reveals the Reason Behind Huawei Ban

A few days back, US President Donald Trump ordered to put Huawei technologies in the blacklist and cut off any kind of trading with the company. He declared a national emergency, and as a result, Google, Qualcomm, ARM, and many other companies had to cut ties with the Chinese tech giant. Later on, this decision was postponed for the next 90 days, so that Huawei and companies of US, complete the ongoing trading projects. The internet was full of fuss and anger. People from China boycott iPhones and promoted “made in China” trend on social media platforms. Just after few hours of all this, Huawei officials revealed they do not need even 90 days to operate like before. Till now no one is sure about the reason behind Huawei Ban.

The company also revealed that they were ready for the consequences, so they are building their own OS since 2019. Hearing this, many users were relieved and the company also revealed its name to be Hongmeng. Later on, we also heard that the company has collaborated with Aptoide to build its own play store.

Reason Behind Huawei Ban

With the situation getting worse for Huawei, the people were very curious to know what made the US take this strong step against this company. Like many others, I also knew that this whole scenario is not new, as US and Huawei were already in a kind of war from some time now. However, till now Donald Trump has not revealed the actual reason behind taking such a staunch step.

Yesterday, a journalist asked him the real reason behind Huawei Ban, to which Mr. Trump replied:

Huawei is something that’s very dangerous. From a military standpoint, it’s very dangerous. The company could be used included in a trade agreement with China. So it’s possible that Huawei even would be included in some kind of a trade deal. If we made a deal, I could imagine Huawei being possibly included in some form, some part of a trade deal.

The reported further asked Trump about the future trading deals, and he said that:

“It would look very good for us but it’s too early to say. We’re just very concerned about Huawei from a security standpoint.”

Do you think security is the only reason behind Huawei US Ban? Lets us know in the comments section below.

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